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  • Do you offer gift cards?
    Yes, just email our team for assistance at support@LegacyMarker.com
  • Is there a way to attach PDF files or Word Documents to a profile?
    Yes! Under the album section you can add .pdf, .jpg, or .png with an optional caption. We do not support other file formats; however, you can easily convert file formats for free. 
    We Recommend www.covertio.co (Hyperlink in the above section)
  • How much does a LegacyMarker cost?
    It is free to create an account and as many LegacyMarker profiles as you wish. Each LegacyMarker plaque is valued at $99.  This price also includes lifetime web services and no subscription fees.   
  • How do I apply my LegacyMarker?
    LegacyMarkers are quick and easy to apply. First, choose which sealed surface you would like to mount it to. Your marker should be applied in temperatures above 50ºF to cure properly. Wipe the area with a clean rag and some rubbing alcohol. Peel the adhesive backing off and carefully position your marker over the clean, dry area. Press and hold while counting to 10.


  • I never received an account verification email. Now what?
    First, verify you are checking your correct email account. Second,​ check that your email address was entered correctly and that there are no extra spaces or typos. Next, check your Spam/Junk folders. Last, add Support@LegacyMarker.com to your contacts and then resend the verification email by logging into your account. 
  • How do I order my LegacyMarker?
    First create an account, then build your first LegacyMarker.  Within the edit area of the LegacyMarker, you will have an Order Plague link next to the profile picture.   This is where you place your order.  There is a "How to order a LegacyMarker" video and PDF on our resources pages (above) that walks you through the process.  
  • What do you do if I receive a Invalid ReCaptcha error at login?
    ReCapatcha is a security feature we use to protect our users.  If you receive a Recapatcha error simply refresh your web browser to clear the error.
  • Why aren't the website buttons responding?
    You may need to clear your web browser cache.  It's a pretty straightforward process, but if you do not know how to do this, the best option is to Google it, since each system does it a little differently.  "How to clear (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer) cache."
  • Will QR codes become obsolete in a few years?
    No. Our culture is shifting more and more toward the use of QR codes for the long haul. A few examples include iPhone 11 upgrading their camera to automatically scanning QR codes and the major world banking systems switching their software over to QR based payment systems with huge success.  These are significant indicators of QR's relevance and permanence in modern society.
  • Where should I apply my LegacyMarker if I don't want it on the headstone?
    LegacyMarkers can be applied to any flat, sealed surface.  Options include the cement pad that your loved one's headstone sits on, an outdoor bench, urn,  or any place you feel appropriate.  
  • How do I remove the tape adhesive?
    3M VHB tape is designed to be irremovable, but you can remove it with some special tools. 3M manufactures an Adhesive Removal spray as well as a Stripe Off Wheel.  They are guaranteed to remove the VHB tape and residue from nearly any surface.
  • Is my LegacyMarker made in the USA?
    Yes, LegacyMarker is a family-owned company based out of both Arizona and Kansas.  All LegacyMarkers manufactured in Indiana.
  • Will the adhesive tape last in outdoor settings?
    LegacyMarkers use 3M Very High Bond (VHB) double-sided foam tape. It is the most durable adhesive tape in the world. It is strong enough to replace rivets, bolts, welding, and liquid adhesives, so it's guaranteed to create a secure and lasting bond. Its temperature range is -40ºF to 200ºF and is moisture, UV, and solvent resistant. Furthermore, laboratory tests have shown no degradation after ten years of submersion in saltwater. Your marker is guaranteed to stay put!  
  • What is my LegacyMarker made of?
    LegacyMarkers are made of 24 gauge 304-grade stainless steel and permanently marked with a CO2 Laser Fusion process with CerMark for a product that will stand the test of time.
  • How long will my LegacyMarker last?
    LegacyMarkers are made of high grade 24 gauge stainless steel and permanently marked with a CO2 Laser Fusion process that utilizes a product called CerMark. 
    CerMark is chemically resistant to solvents, acids bases, abrasion-resistant, UV, and moisture.  The marking can withstand temperatures up to 1796ºF.  The high-resolution marks are black to maintain contrast and scannability, perfect for QR codes​. All in all, you needn't worry about the longevity of your LegacyMarker.
  • What is the difference between Photos and Albums?
    The Photo section  allows file formats .jpg and .png, and it enables you to upload multiple photos at once.  The max combined upload size it 16MB at a time.
    The Album sections allow file formats .jpg .png, and .pdf.  The album section allows you to organize files into different folders and add a caption to each file or picture.  The album section only allows one upload at a time.  
  • Problem not found?
    If you are unable to resolve your problem, email support@LegacyMarker.com, and we will be happy to help. 

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